As of May 24th, it was estimated that 15,000 people perished and about 10,000 went missing.  The highest death toll was in the Miyagi Prefecture with an estimated  death toll of 10,000 dead and 5,000 recorded as missing.  Over 60,000 houses were totally destroyed and 31,000 evacuated.  One of Miyagi’s elementary school lost 70% of its students.  Tens of thousands of people lost their jobs after major industries like rice field agriculture, forestry and fishering accumulated losses surpassing 930 billion yen.

We at CRDC were  shocked and saddened by this tragedy.  We immediately asked ourselves, “What can we do?”

CRDC stands for a deep embrace of suffering people who are engaged in a struggle for healing in the midst of troubles. We embrace in particular cultural and religious values that are brought to bear on difficult situations where sorrow and pain are present and a path of intervention is necessary that builds harmony and fairness. We search for authentic partners on the ground who embody in their work the values of compassion, justice, and peace.

In the aftermath of the tragedy, we decided to partner with former CRDC intern, S-CAR graduate and Japanese citizen, Mutsuko Sugita to find a way to help.  Mutsuko, who comes from a long line of Japanese Buddhist Priests, identified an extraordinary partner for CRDC, the Miyagi division of Jodo Shu Buddhism under the leadership of the Senior Priest Zuiki Nakamura.  Mutsuko’s brother, Priest Zendo, was one of the early volunteer responders in Miyagi Prefecture.  Through his work as a volunteer, Mutsuko learned about humbling efforts of Priest Zuiki and the other Priests and volunteers.  We at CRDC were so inspired by their work that we decided to partner with them in their noble cause.

Now YOU Can Help Local Buddhist Priests Rebuild and Heal the Most Devastated Community in Japan.

We kindly ask you consider a modest monthly donation of $5, $10 or $25

How will YOUR donation make a difference?

The following examples are ways in which the Miyagi division is actively responding to the needs of the diaster struct community.  Your donation will go directly to support these activities and others that Priest Zuiki, other priests and their volunteers identify as necessary in the recovery process.

Short-term emergency response activities:

Memorial Services

Relief Supply Distribution

Counseling rooms at the places of mourning

Clean up

Mid to long-term recovery activities:

Temporary Housing

Psychological support for children, elderly, and the disabled

Cultural and entertainment activities

Click here for a detailed description of the activities

Questions?  Contact the Director of this project, Ms. Mutsuko Sugita at mutsukosugita@gmail.com