Overseas Seminars

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CRDC overseas seminars afford students and practitioners the rare opportunity to complement professional and educational development with practice by engaging in real interventions into complex conflicts throughout the world. From intensive core courses designed specifically for S-CAR students, to field experiences, trainings and seminars at varying lengths for continuing and executive education, CRDC offers non-Mason students, S-CAR students and the general public the unique opportunity to learn dynamic conflict resolution practice based on an integration of sound theory and local wisdom. Led by world-class S-CAR scholars and practitioners with decades of conflict analysis and resolution experience, seminars have been built on subjects such as citizen diplomacy and reflective practice, and have taken place in locations such as Israel, Palestine, Egypt, the South Caucasus, Turkey, Syria, Indonesia, Spain, Jordan, and the Balkans. Seminars typically offer three credits, with custom options tailored for professional development based on the unique needs of organizations, agencies, businesses, or schools.

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