Israel/Palestine 2012

The Center for World Religions, Diplomacy and Conflict Resolution

3 Credits   January 6—January 14, 2012   Price: $3,690 


Please Email the following items to Alex Cromwell at

  1. Your Resume

  2. A Letter of Interest explaining: why the trip is important to you and your qualifications for participating in an advanced practice course in a conflict zone

  3. Two references including contact information


Description: The course is a chance for students to be part of an on-going peacebuilding intervention between Palestinians and Israelis incorporating people at all levels of society.  As they engage in this experience, they will be given the chance to reflect on what it means to be a practitioner and encounter the integration of theory, research, and practice.  Dr. Marc Gopin, who has been working in the region for almost 30 years, will lead the course.  Students will be able to hear the stories of both groups in the conflict, and come to understand the complexities involved with real people who deal with the repercussions of violence in their everyday lives.

NOTE: This class is for Ph.D. students, M.S. students, and undergraduate students. Those who have taken 713 can receive credit for CONF695 instead.  The Course fee covers 3 credits, hotel fees for 8 nights, 2 meals per day, and entrance/speaker fees but DOES NOT COVER AIRFARE.  *The dates listed above are the actual days that we will have a program scheduled for.  You will need to leave the United States on January 5th in order to arrive in Israe/Palestine  by January 6th.

Questions?  Please email Alex Cromwell at or call 703-993-4473.