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The Rodef Shalom: Pursuing Peace in Judaism

“Be of the students of Aaron:

Love peace, pursue peace, love people

and bring them closer to Torah.”

Hillel (Avot 1:12)


Course Description

The rodef shalom is an ancient Jewish rabbinic model of a peacemaker, pursuing peace between individuals, families and communities. Throughout Jewish history there were people known in their communities as rodfei shalom (pursuers of peace) who acted as the students of Aaron loving peace and pursuing peace.

Historically there was never a Rodef Shalom working on his or her own but rather rodfei shalom working together to pursue peace.

The Pardes Center for Judaism and Conflict Resolution (PCJCR):

PCJCR seeks to spread the theories, practice and values of Judaism and conflict resolution between individuals, families, communities and peoples, through the joint study of classic Jewish texts and contemporary academic conflict resolution literature. PCJCR partners with both academic institutions and NGOs in Israel and all over the world, who share the vision of combining the study and practice of mediation, conflict resolution and peacebuilding with Judaism. Pardes faculty member Rabbi Daniel Roth is the director of the center.

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