About Me

Shamyra Parker is the founder and Chief Well-Being Officer (CWO) of Born Boundless International. She is a self-care advocate, educator, and healing ally who creates safe spaces for Black women in leadership positions who are ready to shed their superwoman cape and opt out of overwhelm. Shamyra gives them a mental makeover by showing them how to make self-care non-negotiable so they are emotionally whole and no longer suffering in silence, which leads to health issues, fatigue, and burnout. She shows her clients how to upgrade their self-care practice from awesome to amazing and show up for themselves in the way they serve others. Shamyra is mom to two amazing boys, Ascher and Asa, who are an important part of her “why.” She is a Charlotte native with a mission to not only inspire but to also offer strategies and tangible tools that spark mindset shifts that are critical for lifestyle transformation.

Shamyra received her education in communication studies with a double minor in African American studies and sociology from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Before entering the world of entrepreneurship, she spent more than 10 years as a successful sales and marketing professional and another five years in health and wellness outreach. Leaving the corporate world and deciding to pursue the passion God placed in her heart and spirit on a full-time basis was truly a faith move, but Shamyra knew it was time to use her story to serve others. Having experienced her own life-altering traumas, she was led to her own healing journey that transformed pain into purpose and fueled her heart for serving Black women leaders who serve others to be emotionally healthy and whole.

She serves as a commissioner for CRDC’s Reimagining America Project: The Truth, Reconciliation, and Atonement Commission of Charlotte, North Carolina (RAP-TRACC). Shamyra is also a community partner for both Upper Room Outreach International and SEE HER LEAD.