ICAR professor Marc Gopin headshot.Marc Gopin featured on

CRDC’s Co-Executive Director, Dr. Marc Gopin, recently wrote for on the subject of non-violent statecraft.

“Nations often pursue war and embrace violent regimes as allies because the benefits economically and politically of the military/industrial complex are irresistible. As a result it is hard for peace-oriented policy makers and bureaucrats to persuade their own institutions to commit to nonviolent statecraft..” (Read more…)


Hind Kabawat on Huffington Post

CRDC Director of Interfaith Peacebuilding Hind Kabawat and Pamela Ostovich were published on The Huffington Post  this month. Kabawat and Ostovich wrote on the resilience of Syrian refugees they encountered on their recent visit to the Zaatari Refugee Camp in Jordan. (Read here.)



ICAR professor Marc Gopin headshot.Marc Gopin at TEDxBerkeley

Watch CRDC’s Co-Executive Director Marc Gopin present a TEDtalk at TEDxBerkeley titled “Peace Steps: One Rabbi’s Journey Into the Heart of his Enemies.” (more…)