CRDC has a fifteen-year history of engagement in Syria and remains regionally operational through a network of women’s centers, experts, alumni, and trainees.

Where do we work?

In partnership with the Tastakel Women’s Center and other local organizations, CRDC operates women’s centers in three countries — Syria, Turkey, and Jordan.

In Syria, we support women’s centers in Northwest and Central Syria. Participants at the centers include internally displaced persons (IDPs) from other parts of the country.

In Turkey, our centers serve Syrian refugee women in Gaziantep, Rihanieh, and Antakya.

In Jordan, we also partner with Souriyat Across Borders and Bareeq Education and Development to work with Syrian refugee women in Amman.

What projects comprise the Syria Program?

Preparing Syrian Women for Interfaith Governance

This project is designed to increase the number of women represented in Syria’s local councils and other local institutions, and to promote interfaith interaction and governance as a model for societal relations in the new Syria. Participants receive 60 hours of training in leadership, election/campaign preparedness, mediation techniques, and governance strategies. Approximately 500 Syrian women will have graduated from this program by the end of 2020, prepared to engage as citizens in their local governments and advocate to local authorities on issues that affect their own communities, as well as other marginalized communities. Graduates of the program who are elected to local government will be empowered to use their platforms to bridge sectarian and ideological divides.

Transition to a United Syrian Civil Society

This project was active from 2013 to 2015 and resulted in nearly 160 Syrians from all faith and ethnic backgrounds being trained in conflict resolution, negotiation, and civil society capacity building.

Overseas Seminars in Turkey and Jordan

CRDC has offered a 3-credit class, Approaches to Conflict Management and Resolution: Field Work with Syrian Refugees, since 2013. The one-week class currently takes place in Jordan each year in March (spring break) and August.

Meet the Team


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