Reflective Practice

Reflective Practice in Israel/Palestine is a chance for students to be part of an ongoing peacebuilding intervention between Palestinians and Israelis incorporating people at all levels of society. As they engage in this experience, students will be given the chance to reflect on what it means to be a practitioner and encounter the integration of theory, research, and practice. Dr. Fakhira Halloun travels with students for eight days over winter break and teaches the class on the ground in Israel and Palestine. Dr. Marc Gopin leads the pre-trip and post-trip meetings in the United States and works with students as they craft their research questions and delve into the literature.

The course takes place in an environment that becomes practice and reflection the moment one enters the region.  The study and engagements are all in the shadow of a paradoxical combination of wonderful hospitality, fascinating people, and a complicated and intense environment. There is a need to measure one’s every word and action in order to honor and reflect in conflict, as well effectively practice citizen diplomacy and peace-building. Before, during, and after this trip the student experiences reflective practice at every moment, and the assignments are geared in this way precisely.

The program is a combination of intensive classroom study, speakers from the local region, exploration of famous holy sites, and extensive field experience engaging communities across the spectrum of Israel and Palestine day and night. This experience will be an integration of new theoretical approaches to peacebuilding in a uniquely intractable conflict where CRDC has innovated a direct intervention of social justice practice, study, and engagement.

The course has been carefully engineered to directly support agents of change and peacemakers. The student is immediately experiencing, participating in, and observing a direct intervention in which the course itself is a device to aid the lives and livelihoods of poor change agents, both Palestinian and Jewish. In addition, the seminar and its experiences are fundamentally a dual narrative approach to understanding the reality on the ground. Every day of the seminar will involve study and field work on both sides of the border with Palestinians and Israeli Jews. The method of intervention is utterly new in its combination of social justice and conflict resolution, and begs for the evolution of theory and research from the students.


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  • Marc Gopin, Ph.D. Marc Gopin, Ph.D. Designation: Director and James H. Laue Professor Marc Gopin is the director of CRDC and the James H. Laue Professor at the Carter School for Peace and Conflict Resolution at George Mason...
  • Fakhira Halloun Fakhira Halloun Designation: Israel/Palestine Local Expert "Dr. Halloun brought incredible insight and wisdom to our studies." - Reflective Practice student Dr. Fakhira Halloun is a Palestinian citizen of Israel. She holds...


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  • Price: $3890
  • Type: Study Abroad
  • Credits: 3 credits
  • Duration: 8 days
  • Level: Graduate, Undergraduate, or Professional Development