Spring 2020 Internships

The Center for World Religions, Diplomacy, and Conflict Resolution (CRDC) offers students a direct look into global intractable conflicts and innovative methods to resolve these conflicts, including: (a) civil society development through education in conflict resolution; (b) peer mediation; (c) innovative religious, spiritual, and cultural forms of conflict resolution; (d) culturally effective methods of cooperation on development projects of benefit to all parties; and (e) an integrated relationship between the world of such work and the world of policy makers and diplomats.

Our Mission

CRDC’s mission is to engage emerging indigenous and global conflict resolvers, partner with them in innovative entrepreneurial growth, mobilize support for them, and create linkages between peacebuilders, citizen diplomats, students, business people, and policy makers.

CRDC specializes in innovative international practice of conflict resolution and citizen diplomacy, international education seminars and field experience, conflict resolution analysis of current events, and business/organizational consultancies.

  • Our team has translatable skills in nonprofit specialist and coordination positions, experience in humanitarian aid and conflict resolution, and analytic research experience.
  • We believe everyone should have a seat at the table of conflict analysis and resolution and prize all forms of diversity within our staff and approaches to conflict resolution.

Internship Requirements

  • A GMU undergraduate or graduate student (an S-CAR student is preferred)
  • Interest/experience in conflict analysis and resolution
  • Interest/experience in world religions and/or diplomacy
  • Interest/experience in assisting and conducting university-level research
  • Interest/experience in marketing, events planning, and public relations
  • Interest/experience in grant writing
  • Individuals with other skillsets are encouraged to apply

Position Descriptions

Marketing Intern

  • Run CRDC social media accounts
  • Create social media/marketing strategy
  • Design promotional materials for CRDC-sponsored events, study abroad opportunities, and related marketing blasts
  • Recruit organizations at GMU, S-CAR, and DMV-area for collaborations with CRDC

Research Assistant

  • Investigate the primary literature related to conflict, peace, and related topics
  • Assist in the conceptualization of research projects
  • Aid in data collection, analysis, and manuscript preparation
  • Present findings at local, national, and international venues


  • Course credit (the number of credits depends on class standing and is open to negotiation)
  • Individualized mentorship and career planning with CRDC director Dr. Marc Gopin
  • Networking opportunities with leaders in the field (US and foreign government, conflict resolution, humanitarian aid, NGOs, and nonprofits)


If you are interested in joining CRDC as an intern, please contact Nick Sherwood at