Feb 2013, Interview with Russia Today Channel

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محلل: ستطرأ تغييرات ملموسة على سياسات واشنطن في ولاية أوباما الثانية


Nov 2012, “Cyrus the Great” event report on VOA satellite Television

Dr. Marc Gopin delivered a lecture on Cyrus the Great, his policies and legacy to this day. The event was attended by prominent members of the Iranian Community as well as US policy makers in Washington, D.C.



Oct 2012, Al Jazeera News: Crisis in Syrian Shells hitting Turkey


August 2012, The Christian Science Monitor:

In Oak Creek, Wis., hearts open to Sikhs after temple shooting.


May 2012, Rumi Forum: Forging alliances between religious people for nonviolence and justice: reports from the field in Afghanistan, Egypt, Syria, and Israel and Palestine

Listen to the Podcast of  interview with Rumi Forum here.


Sep 2011, CTV News Channel: Political Ramifications of Palestinian Bid for Statehood


May 2011, Fox TV: Palestinian Refugees Breach Borders


May 2011, Russia Today Channel: Nakba Remembrance Protests


Sep 2010, Fox TV: Clinton Opens New Round of Middle East Peace Talks


March 2010, Fox TV: Israeli Leader Gets Support In White House Dispute


November 2009, Russia Today Channel: Synagogue in Virginia opens doors to Muslims


Oct 2009, Citizen Diplomacy Evening


Jan 2009, Attack on Mumbai: Analysis by Marc Gopin


May 2008,  CTV News Channel: Mideast Peace Talks After Bush’s Visit: Analysis by Marc Gopin


April 2008, Haaretz.com TV: American Rabbi Practices Peacemaking in Damascus



March 2008,  CTV News Channel: Cheney Meets with Palestinian President Abbas: Analysis



March 2008, CTV News Channel: Middle East Peace Process after Seminary Shootings: Analysis