Sandra Cheldelin

Sandra Cheldelin is the Vernon M. and Minnie I. Lynch Professor of Conflict Resolution at the School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution (S-CAR). Throughout her career in the academy she has been an active reflective practitioner. A licensed psychologist and expert in organizational conflict, she conducted large and small scale mediations, coached senior executives to create healthy work environments, resolved interpersonal, intergroup and inter-organizational conflict, designed institution building mechanisms and supported collaborative leadership. She has worked with more than 150 organizations including colleges, universities, medical schools, treatment facilities, corporations, associations, religious institutions and community organizations. She has been keynote speaker and invited lecturer on workplace issues of violence, change, race, gender and conflict. She has facilitated large-scale interethnic and interfaith community dialogues on topics of fear, terrorism, violence and suspicion. Cheldelin has convened large and small groups for a variety of purposes including the development of a national policy on policing for victims of violent crime, creating a 10-year institutional strategic plan, and designing and implementing neighborhood strategies for building community resilience. She is coauthor (with Ann Lucas) of Conflict Resolution, (Jossey Bass, 2004) and co-editor (with Daniel Druckman and Larissa Fast) of Conflict: from Analysis to Intervention (Continuum, 2003). She serves on a variety of conflict resolution related boards.

Cheldelin has had faculty appointments with each of her administrative positions at several colleges and universities including Provost at the McGregor School of Antioch University, Academic Dean at the California School of Professional Psychology (Berkeley campus), and Director of Educational Development at Ohio University College of Osteopathic Medicine. She came to S-CAR in the fall of 1996 and served as Director for nearly 3 years beginning January 1999.