Public Relations Associate

Fakhira Halloun is a Palestinian woman and citizen of Israel.  She holds a BA in social work and an MS in criminology from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.  She is currently undertaking her PhD studies in Conflict Analysis and Resolution at George Mason University.

Fakhira has acquired considerable professional experience in conflict transformation, and specializes in facilitating dialogue between Jewish and Palestinian mixed groups. Fakhira is an educator and advocate for human rights and democracy, as well as a social and political feminist activist, who strives to bring about change within the Arab community and to achieve equality for the Palestinian Arab citizens of Israel.

Fakhira also served as a board member for Mossawa Center, The Advocacy Center for the Arab Citizens in Israel and worked for seven years in the Center for the Advancement of Shared Citizenship in Israel.

Fakhira is committed to building a shared society for the Palestinian and Jewish communities in Israel as well as facilitating greater understanding of the ongoing conflict between the Palestinian minority and the State of Israel. Through her PhD studies Fakhira endeavors to gain a deeper insight and understanding of the psychological aspects of the Palestinian citizen living in Israel and how this is translated into their daily lives and impacts their political behavior and the discourse in the struggle to achieve collective rights for the Arab minority in Israel.