Peace Steps

“One Rabbi’s Life Journey into the Heart of his Enemies”

Listen to CRDC Director Marc Gopin’s TEDxBerkeley TEDtalk on the Seven Incremental Steps for Nonviolent Global Change!

From an upbringing as an Orthodox Jew to a career in political analysis, international diplomacy, and global conflict resolution, Dr. Gopin shares stories from his life’s journey that led him into an ethic of “Embracing The Stranger.”

“This is the power of what any one of us can do at any moment in time with a perfect stranger. The stranger is the key to the change of history. The stranger is the key to healing the planet.”

Seven Incremental Steps for Nonviolent Global Change

  1. Teach and model empathy in every relationship, from the very near to the very far
  2. Teach and model shared reason, rational compromise, and shared values
  3. Emphasize the positive in all things
  4. Empower women across the globe whose natural gift is nonviolence
  5. Embrace gentle commerce across the globe that binds strangers together; even better, former enemies
  6. Embrace and empower fair law and governance on a global scale
  7. Love a stranger, very very near, and very very far

“These are the steps that change history. This is based on science, this is based on experience.”

“No one, no dictator, no gang, no state, no war, can steal the seed you plant in the heart of a stranger. The heart of the stranger is the heart of this world, and the path to its salvation.”