About Me

“Elad was not only a guide, but also a sincere friend and a knowledgeable teacher.”

“An incredible story teller.”

“Elad weaves together history, people’s stories, and his own stories in a way that is interesting, touching, often humorous, and unforgettable.”

Reflective Practice student alumni

Elad Vazana is an educator, multi-narrative tour guide, artist, and experienced mediator and facilitator of successful face-to-face relationship building for social change. For the last 16 years, Elad has helped Palestinian and Israeli youth and adults — Muslims, Christians, Jews, and others — build trust while learning that “an enemy is one whose story we have not heard.”

Elad is a licensed tour guide with nearly a decade of experience. His tours emphasize everyday encounters and human experience and include stories, music, the magic of nature, and visits to special places hidden from the crowds.