About Me

Karina Korostelina

Karina Korostelina (MA, National Kiev University, 1991; Ph.D., Odessa State University, 1994, Dr. of Sc. (Habit.), National Academy of Science Institute of Psychology, 2003) is an Associate Professor at The School  for Conflict Analysis and Resolution, GMU and the Director of the History, Memory, and Conflict Program.  She is a Fellow of the European Research Center of Migration and Ethnic Relation (ERCOMER). She conducts research on the topics of identity conflicts and multicultural communities’ management, national, regional, religious, and ethnic identities, contested histories, history education in conflict and post conflict societies, and conflict resolution, reconciliation and peacebuilding.

She has been a Fulbright New Century Scholar, Research Fellow at the Kennan Institute, Woodrow Wilson Center, Washington, DC and participated at a Nationalism session at the Curriculum Resource Center of the Central European University. She has received grants from the MacArthur Foundation, Ebert Foundation, Soros Foundation (Research Support Scheme, Managing Multiethnic Communities Project, Renaissance Foundation), the United States Institute of Peace, US National Academy of Education, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of USDS , INTAS, IREX and Council of Europe. The results of her research have been presented at numerous international conferences in Europe and USA and in publications in Ukrainian and International journals. She is the author of The System of Social Identities: The Analysis of Ethnic Situation in the Crimea, The Social Identity and Conflict, Diagnostic of Interethnic Relations in the Crimea, and Why they Die? (with  Dr. Daniel Rothbart), editor of Identity, Morality and Threat (with  Dr. Daniel Rothbart),  and Interethnic Coexistence in the Crimea: The Ways of Achievement.

She conducts seminars, round tables and trainings for leaders of NGOs, community activists, teachers and government officials, organized by Danish Refugee Council, OUN and other international organizations. She has elaborated identity based training of tolerance.